The Group

The Lagally Research Group is directed by Dr. Max Lagally, a professor in both the Materials Science and Engineering Department and the Physics Department. The researchers in this group have come from varied scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and electrical engineering. The group of about 20 individuals includes academic staff, post-docs, graduate students, and undergrads. Picture of vacuum chamber.


Some of the group members are attempting to gain a first-principles understanding of the properties of semiconductor surfaces and thin films, in particular the growth mechanisms of these materials. The focus is on Si(001), SiGe alloys on Si, and GaN. Other members explore the properties of magnetic thin films and multilayers using the University of Wisconsin's synchrotron.

Still other researchers work on design and implementation of new instrumentation for nanoscale characterization of surfaces on film growth, nanotubes, or in new areas such as DNA arrays and DNA computation.

In the Lagally group, there is an ongoing multitude of experimentation continuing in both established and completely new areas of science. Research is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and from private industry.

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Last Updated: October 23, 2005