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Nanotechnology is a dynamic field that requires expertise from many disciplines. To fully appreciate the nuances and potential that nanotechnology has to offer, a strong background in biology, chemistry, engineering, materials science, mathematics, and physics is essential. As such, those interested in learning more about the field often feel overwhelmed when looking for a place to begin their studies. Here we've listed several sources of information that have been helpful to our members at various stages of their development and we encourage you to continue your exploration of nanotechnology at any or all of these locations.

  1. UW MRSEC Interdisciplinary Education Group
  2. Nanotechnology basics for Students and Other Learners
  3. Inanot Nanotechnology Directory
  4. Impact of Nanotechnology on Biomedical Sciences: Review of Current Concepts on Convergence of Nanotechnology With Biology
  5. MIT's Nanotechnology Websites




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For Kids

Though becoming an expert in nanotechnology can take decades, it all begins with a fascination with underlying physical properties. These properties can be learned at even the youngest age. Here are some links to child-friendly science- related websites that will help children increase their scientific understanding in fun ways.

  1. Nanoland Interactive Game
  2. Science Museum Nanotechnology
  3. Children's Encyclopedia of Science
  4. National Nanotechnology Initiative