Lagally Group Members

The Lagally Group is a diverse collection of researchers that share common research, educational, career, and personal goals. Current group members are from China, India, Italy, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Thailand, and the United States.

Frank Flack
Don Savage
Shelley Scott

Research Associates
Francesca Cavallo
Edwin Ramayya

Research Assistants
Anna Clausen
Richard Rojas Delgado
Weiwei Hu
RB Jacobson
Arnold Kiefer
Arrielle Opotowsky
Debbie Paskiewicz
Jose Sanchez-Perez
Dan Schroeder
Pornsatit Sookchoo

Undergraduate Interns
Dave Hamann
Mike Ritt
Ben Treml



A Tradition of Excellence

The Lagally Group has benefited from the energy and talents of many former members. A list of previous Lagally Group members and some of their current endeavors can be found

Affiliated Groups & People

While those listed above have formed the core of the Lagally Research Group, our group benefits from close collaboration with numerous other exceptional researchers and research groups . Several of those that we collaborate with are: (External links)

  1. AIPES (Adaptive Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems) Research Group
  2. Eriksson Research Group
  3. Nanoelectronics Theory Group
  4. Turner Research Group
  5. Blick Research Group
  6. Zhenquiang (Jack) Ma
  7. Ryan Kershner